Logo Design Services

Logo design packages

Basic Package


One off payment
  • 1 Logo design based upon your brief
  • 2 Revisions to your design (charges apply after that)
  • Logo supplied in web formats

Standard Package


One off payment
  • 3 Concepts
  • 5 revisions
  • Artwork supplied in all file formats
  • Back up of your artwork

Premium Package


One of payment
  • 5 concepts
  • 10 revisions
  • Full media pack including letterhead and business card designs

Professional Design

All of our logo designs are originals and not templates. We will pass on the rights to your design when you are happy with it.


We will pass onto you a full media pack containing all variations of your design and all file formats that you could ever need in the future. We will also keep back up copies for you as well.

Low cost

How much does a logo cost to produce? Well it all depends on the complexity of the design but we start from £80 for a logo design. See our pricing chart for a good idea.

A logo adds brand recognition to a thing. Nobody ever asks what the M stands for, they just know.

-- S.J.Brookes.

Logo design is one of the most important things to let your market know who you are and what you do. Think of IBM or Apple. Both logos are synonymous with the respective companies goods and services.

So what is the first step. Easy, give us a call and let us guide you through the process of branding your company or services. We will work with you to get you what you want.

Already got a logo but haven't got the original files to send it maybe to print? We can recreate that logo for you. All of our designs are supplied with a full media pack that has every version of your artwork that you would ever need for now or in the future.

Get in touch now to chat with us about your requirements.

Recent Projects

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